Final Design Suggestion

The Magic Sing Karaoke system is a consumer entertainment device that brings the karaoke experience to the living room. 
I worked with Yash Sathe, Pranav Sakhalkar and Nitya Gianani to analyze the existing system and propose new design solutions to make the system better.
Analysis of Existing System

The existing Magic Sing Karaoke system

We conducted user studies, task flow analysis and ergonomics analysis to draw actionable insights to improve the product.

Task flow diagram - to determine stress points in user tasks

User studies

Existing user interface for TV

With insights from earlier analysis, we drew up a lot of insights and opportunity areas for product improvement. 
These involved:
1) taking out unnecessary buttons and complications,
2) redesigning the user interface,
3) simplifying tasks 
4) adding additional features to better suit the context
5) redefining the design language.

New design language and form

Simplified display to clearly communicate mic states

New simplified mic design with intuitive interactions for volume control and clear indicators for state changes

Simplified button layout

Additional mute mic switch

Illumination for night

Easy to access ports

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